Episode 19

Published on:

15th Oct 2020

Correll & Robby: Remembering Kaitlin

Correll and Robby share their experience of parenting through the loss of their 16 daughter, Kaitlin. They share how they navigate life without her and the remarkable things that God has done through this pain.

A few weeks before Kaitlin's death her life was changed at a Young Life camp. The following year Correl and Robbie attended that same exact camp to see all of the things she experienced. While at camp they experienced God like never before. Since then they have been a part of Young Life and find it a joy to show teenagers who Jesus is.

Kaitlin was a JJ Pearce High School softball player, and Correl and Robbie continue to be involved in that program helping out with whatever is needed.

While this is a story that includes a tragic death, this is more a story of how God has given life to so many through Correl and Robbie's faithful willingness to be used by God.

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