Episode 17

Published on:

1st Oct 2020

Spiars Siblings: Grown Kids' Perspectives

On today's episode young adults Audrey, Austen, Aly Jo and Andrew talk about their parents. They talk about boundaries or rules their parents had when they were little that were frustrating or annoying at the time, but now they are thankful for them. Boundaries like TV shows they could watch, video games in the home, being outside and piano lessons. Their perspective on those things now is so helpful! They talk about ways their parents showed support in all areas of their life from cheering them on at soccer games, planning birthday parties, funding their dreams of having a duct tape wallet business... the list goes on! They talk about how their parents priority of hospitality has trickled down to now be something they really care about. They share how thankful they are their parents have been intentional about praying for them, surrounding them with people who care and showing them what it looks like to pursue Jesus.

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